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05 July 2007 @ 11:50 am
You'd think the Winchesters would love the Fourth. Barbeques to crash! Lots of people blowing shit up, right? What's not to love?

A lot, if you're buying your fireworks from a guy called Fantom Freddie.

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Turns out, sodium and fire just makes this ghost wackierCollapse )

As is the way of the Winchester Paper Trail, words are by hiyacynth, and art is by cunien. Huge, not-cursed fireworks for my darling cunien for battling short notice (as always) and dial-up connections to make this happen.
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Today marks the birth of our favorite supernatural freak of a little brother, Sam Winchester! Huzzah!

We, like Dean, are bordering-on late (but totally not!), but we click our tongues at those who would doubt our (or Dean's) dedication to our Sammy. We TOTALLY didn't forget!

Here's a peek under the wrapping paper... Click the cut below the preview to see the whole deal.

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Happy Birthday, Sam!Collapse )

As is the way of the Winchester Paper Trail, words by hiyacynth, and art by cunien. Gigantor-sized hugs and thanks to my darling cunien for pulling this one out in the middle of the craziest three weeks of her life. You're the best, sweetcheeks!
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14 February 2007 @ 03:12 pm
Once again, cunien pointed out that a significant date was upon us and surely needed celebrating, WPT style. Brain twin powers were at scary levels, and our combined efforts (second verse, same as the first: graphics and layout by cunien, words by hiyacynth) resulted in this bit of strippery goodness:


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Follow the lj-cut to see the whole show...

Valentine TreatsCollapse )
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The Winchester Paper Trail returns! hiyacunien present "Found on a Sleep Cheep Bedside Table," brought to you by the craziness that was both of our Decembers.

I have to bow and scrape at cunien's feet more than usual because she definitely did the heavy lifting on this one. Me, I was like, "Scraps of paper! Clues! Easy!" and typed away, leaving her to do all the hard stuff :-)

As usual, words by me, art and layout by cunien. This one's actually a companion piece to my story Inventory, which I posted last month.

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Click here to see what else piled up in Erie.Collapse )
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19 November 2006 @ 12:24 am
The second installment of The Winchester Paper Trail, "Dear Rosalinda," is brought to you by Mima's and my (hopefully) endless capacity for amusing ourselves/each other.

As before, words by me, art and layout by my partner in crime, cunien.

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Click to see just what Sam's apologizing for.Collapse )
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19 November 2006 @ 12:11 am
The other day I was working on the PowerPoints for one of my books, the quality tools chapter, and some of the examples were compilations of data gathered by hotels, about the quality of their facilities, and which areas got the most complaints and were most important to the customers. And all of a sudden, I had a little survey constructed in Word, with the amenities at a motel and Dean's comments on them.

At which point, cunien popped into my IM and got a bunch of nonsense dumped into her window with very little explanation. But, being the braintwin that she is, she didn't need an explanation, she just knew. Thus was born the Winchester Paper Trail.

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Found in C&M's EZ INN's suggestion boxCollapse )

Again, I say, with braintwin powers like this, cunien and I could--dare I say it?--rule the world! (The world in our own little brains, that is.)
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